Over time, concrete surfaces age becoming blotchy and unattractive. Rain, grass clippings, leaves and other organic matter can stain concrete surfaces leaving driveways with a less than desirable appearance.

Car fluid drips just add to the mess leaving unsightly stains. If this describes your concrete, you need EXTREME CONCRETE RESTORE for Driveway. This coating resists oil and grease, fills hairline cracks and gives your driveway a beautiful, uniform surface while extending the useful life of your investment.

EXTREME CONCRETE RESTORE for Driveway is an advanced coating formulated to beautify and protect unsightly driveways. This cutting edge formula features the latest polymer technology. EXTREME CONCRETE RESTORE for Driveway was designed to withstand the rigors of heat, cold, rain and snow. It stands up to punishing driveway traffic, and resists hot tire pick up to give your driveway a beautiful finished appearance.


   Available in 40 colors

   Use on broom swept concrete driveways

▸    Resists hot tire pickup

▸    Fills hairline cracks

    Beautifies unsightly surfaces

   Resists oil & grease spots