Fernandina Beach

Showing signs of  cracking and developing splinters, the Fernandina Beach boardwalk was the perfect torture test for Deck & Concrete Restore 10X. Being directly next to the ocean, the boardwalks endured high winds, salt air, torrential rains, exposure to the hot sun and high foot-traffic. Restore has extended the life of these decks and  reduced maintenance.

Restore is different from other deck protectors. It’s 10x thicker than average paints and stains. It locks down splinters, fills in cracks, and covers nail holes, making the boardwalk safer for pedestrians. Deck & Concrete Restore 10X last 10-12 years and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

“I would recommend Restore even to homeowners who have wooden decks. Even small wooden decks.”

- Nan Voit, Parks & Recreation Fernandina Beach