Over time vertical surfaces age, becoming cracked and unattractive, revealing fine cracks, reticulation and an uneven appearance. In many cases ordinary paint simply cannot hide the damage. Because VERTICAL RESTORE is much thicker than paint it fills cracks and provides lasting protection and an attractive, uniform finish.

VERTICAL RESTORE applies approximately 10X thicker than ordinary paints & stains creating a solid yet flexible protective barrier. Formulated to repair, beautify and protect above grade exterior walls and siding. Also recommended for interior use on both above and below grade surfaces free from moisture and dampness.

For use on plywood siding, masonry walls, cinder block, brick, concrete block, stucco, drywall, wood paneling and more. Ideal for exterior walls, siding, basement walls, foundation walls, retaining walls, landscape walls and more.


   Available in 40 colors

   Repairs and protects most vertical surfaces

   Hides imperfections

   Fills hairline cracks

   Creates a beautiful, uniform appearance